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Complex St.Ivan Ski&Spa
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Complex St.Ivan Ski located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains in the Southern part of Bansko ski resort, east of the ski slopes. High and terraced position of the complex offers exceptional views of the city and the mountains of Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes. It consists of 8 blocks of apartments. The complex will have a servicing center, shops, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, spa and dining - soon to be opened. Driveway provides access to the hotel building as well as underground and outside parking.  Five storey building shaped inner recreation areas, with rich landscaping, which will have an outdoor swimming pool and restaurant - opening soon. The project was developed on five main levels. Construction follows the terrain. The architecture borrows from the rich local traditions using basic materials and details typical of the area, a combination of stonework, wood paneling, wooden balconies and roof details. All apartments have spacious balconies. 

Restaurant "Elements"

ReastaurantEnjoy a casual and relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant of apartment complex Saint Ivan Ski. Guests can choose from flavors of Bulgarian and European cuisine. 

Open Ski season 2017/2018
The temperature is dropping and the snow canons are working with...
Opening Restaurant ”Elements”
Dear Guests, At 04.12 in complex Saint Ivan ski and  will...