5+ places to visit in Bansko

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In recent years Bansko has become a TOP winter  destination in Bulgaria. And that’s no accident!Bansko is nestled at the foot of the Pirin Mountain and reveals an incredible view of the mountains from almost every corner. Cozy establishments, bustling little streets, tranquility and clean air make drunk everyone who visits the small town. Regardless of which season you plan to visit Bansko, there are several places that are really worth it!

Church of the Holy Trinity and Neofit Rilski House Museum

Until the construction of the Alexander Nevski monument in Sofia, the church, a symbol of Bansko, was the largest in the country. It was built in the 30s of the 19th century with local donations, and a few years later the imposing bell tower was erected.

The Neofit Rilski House Museum is located right next to the church and was born to the Bulgarian Revival.

The central streets

The magic of Bansko is felt in the small cobblestone streets of the town. Take a stroll with a camera, because you do not know which bay will reveal a wonderful view of the mountain! 🙂

Peak Vihren and Baikusheva Mura

If you visit Bansko in the summer, uploading the Vihren peak is almost obligatory! Pirin’s lover is only 11m away. the Prince of the Balkans – Musala. The climb starts at Vihren Chalet, which you can reach by car.

Just before the hut to the right of the road, do not miss Baikusheva Mura – the oldest coniferous tree in Bulgaria. His age is over 1300 years.

Pirin Golf

If you are a fan of this sport, one of the largest complexes in the country is very close.

The nameless city and waterfall St. Nicholas

Between Bansko and Dobrinishte there is not long ago discovered the “Unknown City” – an ancient settlement formation of more than 3500 years. The walk to the ruins goes through a steep climbing trail, but the feeling of going to this place is unique.

At its foot is nestled the waterfall St. Nicholas. The small waterfall is sheltered, but it is definitely extremely picturesque!