The magic of Pirin…

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Between the valleys of the Struma and Mesta rivers towers the majestic Pirin Mountain – a combination of beauty, uniqueness, diverse climate, rich flora and fauna.Here is the second highest peak of Bulgaria, the third on the Balkans and the seventh of Europe – Vihren. Here are several climatic zones. Here, between the warm influence of the Mediterranean Sea and the harsh alpine cold, they share only a few minutes. Here an ancient past, mythology and present interweave in an incomparable mix of sensations. Here is the majestic Pirin mountain!

In Bulgaria every mountain is uniquely beautiful and has its own charm. But Pirin is special! On an area of only 2600 sq.m. the mountain offers so much! From the phenomenal views of its sharp peaks, through the countless clear streams springing from it, through the wonderful plant and animal world to the healing mineral springs. At its foot there are picturesque towns that have kept their romance over the years.

Walk through their streets. Feel the fresh mountain air. Dare to feel Pirin, to touch the beauty of this magnificent mountain. Worth! You will forget about everything. Because Pirin is a magic … And you will fall in love with it!